What about LG’s guardian Go Woo-suk and Oh Seung-hwan?

In the 2019 season, one of the LG Twins’ biggest earnings is the emergence of a sure guardian. Ko Woo-suk, who wore a striped uniform under the first LG nomination in 2017, had a year to realize his potential. The successor to the siren, which was the trademark of former team closer Bong Jung-geun, has finally emerged.

Ko made his first save against the Kiwoom Heroes on April 21 and appeared in a total of 65 games to rank second in league saves with eight wins, two losses and 35 saves with a 1.52 ERA in 71 innings. SK’s Ha Jae-hoon, who ranks first in the category, competed for the title of the saves until the end of the season by just one margin. Jung Chan-hun has replaced LG’s finishing spot with a strong point after a chronic back injury.

Ko Woo-suk’s secret to leaping is powerful fastballs. He had the highest fastball average (77.6 percent) among all pitchers who threw more than 50 innings. The reason for throwing such a high fastball was clear. Because his fastball was so powerful.

Looking at the value of pitching in the entire KBO league in the 2019 season, Ko’s fastball ranked fifth overall with 22.7 points. 부산달리기 Above that were Yoo Hee-kwan’s sinkers, Lindblum and Kim Kwang-hyun’s sliders and Yang Hyun-jong’s fastballs. Lindblum, Sanchez and Cho Sang-woo, who boast strong fastball pitches in the league, all fell short of Ko’s fastball-sold value.

The value of the old type is calculated by accumulating the expected loss change since the pitcher threw the old type. In other words, the more strikes and outs you have compared to balls and hits, the better points you get. Ko lowered his expectations by as much as 22.7 points just for fastballs.

The average speed limit for fastball was 150.9 km/h, second in the league after Sanchez. On June 21, he put in a 155km/h fastball against Kia Tigers Choi Won-jun in the ninth inning and broke his personal best. Of all pitchers who pitched more than 50 innings, the contact rate was also second in the league with 71.2 percent, with opponents unable to easily respond to his ball.

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