‘Communication vs. Biannan’ Asuahe, Game BJ’s Forward Attitude

Carlos Asuaheda, a new foreign hitter for the Lotte Giants seeking communication and respect. After Asuahe’s recruitment of Lotte was confirmed, Korean fans were more interested in his online activities, not baseball skills.

His career in online game broadcasting has attracted fans’ attention rather than his career, which has earned him a .24 batting average, six homers, 42 RBIs and 45 RBIs during his three-year career in the Major League. He has been communicating with fans while playing games by opening a channel called “Portnight,” a three-person shooting game on Twitter.

사설토토    Although it can be seen as a healthy part of leisure activities, there are concerns that playing games for long periods of time at dawn after the game is over could hamper one’s performance. Especially if you play games with poor grades, you can be the target of indiscriminate criticism from baseball fans online.

Yang Sang-moon, who already knows his BJ history, told reporters, “Gaming may be okay as a hobby, but I think it’s better if we don’t do it.” Some say it can disrupt performance, but there was a greater part of the online abuse and criticism that could be emotionally disturbed. As Lotte is a team that draws more attention from fans, concerns and concerns over Asuahe have not gone too far. Yang said, “I didn’t tell Asuahe to ban the broadcast.”

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